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18 Northumberland Avenue, London, UK
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It’s a new world out there. We’d better be superpowered.

Welcome to


A boutique consultancy that works with companies and brands for more effective communication across diverse markets and cultures.

i-sekai leverages its own global community of independent consultants to provide strategic and creative specialist services for in-house communications and marketing teams across the globe.

We work with CCOs, corporate affairs and marketing leaders to build consistent brands and effective communication strategies.

Our aim is to empower client teams, equipping them with tools, knowledge and new ways of working – superpowers that allow them to transform their brands and companies.

*i-sekai means ‘another world’ – a Japanese fantasy storytelling genre, where the protagonist transcends to another world and becomes a hero thanks to superpowers.

“You’re much stronger than you think you are. Trust me.”


Superpowers in the New World

Brands, organizations, and the people who build them have landed in another world. An ever-changing world that works to its own rules. Brands and organizations don’t control their reputation. They can't use their media dollars to buy fame, recognition and support. They can’t just employ a one-size-fits-all global approach when everyone thinks local. And they are not trusted in the first place. Nobody is per se. But they can earn trust, form alliances, contribute, create added value for their customers, their talent and society at large. With their innovations, their initiatives and their thought leadership. By being transparent, honest and truthful, by thinking and acting local and engaging with those who matter.
Who weare
And what's empowering us

Cornelia Kunze

Founder & Partner

We have advised the most ambitious brands and organizations and run multi-market programs in a digital world. Brand and reputation building in the „earned space” is in our DNA. Our ideas and strategies are designed to earn tailwind from people, publishers and platforms. With that in mind, we contribute to making organizations future-ready.

Moritz Kaffsack


We have lived and worked in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the U.S.. We know how to be effective across markets and cultures. Our belief is that global consistency is as important as local relevancy. We believe that specialists are required to succeed in the new world – strategists, creatives, researchers, data analysts, writers, producers, country experts. Our network built over many years provides us with those specialists.
i-sekai is there when you’re expanding or reorganising your global presence. When you feel under-recognized or not visible enough in all or some of your markets, when your brand is challenged, your business facing disruption, your customers move on, new markets require new ideas or when new opportunities deserve a fresh approach.
We are your advisor and extended in house partner to globalize your communications strategy and ideas, set-up and team. We create the right structure and process for implementation and build the capabilities required for you to thrive.
Bespoke solutions are what we focus on, but we offer a few „signature services“ too.

Intercultural Intelligence Program

Workshops that equip executives and teams with and intercultural mindset and the tools and techniques to successfully navigate highly diverse global markets

Building a winning team

Right structure, right external partners, effective agency pitch process, joint onboarding, budget effectiveness, coaching and capability development to excel in the new world

The Superpowered Global Executive

Clear positioning, empathetic storytelling, effective channel strategies for relevant executive visibility

The Superpowered Reputation

Develop a corporate value proposition, which earns trust and support from all important global and local stakeholders

The Superpowered Brand

Adapt the brand story to the new world; global campaign strategy, creative, assets, toolkit


Our subject matter experts

fluid is a global community of advisors who share the same ambition and professional attitude. They have diverse market, industry and craft experience and come together to collaborate and co-create project by project. They are located around the globe. They are experienced, independent, and driven by a passion for great work.

“The door is more open than it appears. It separates who you are from who you can be. You do not have to walk through it… You can run.”

Franklin Richards of the Fantastic Four