our network of specialists

fluid is our international network of independent, experienced consultants in the areas of brand, reputation, internal communication and public affairs. With fluid, we solve communication-intensive tasks whenever there is a change – whether self-initiated or forced. These changes increasingly need “fluidity”: greater flexibility, faster adjustment, less linear, much more networked. It helps us that we as virtual advisors are flexible and work ourselves.

fluid has many functions: access to specialists, thinkers and implementers, think tanks and influencers, as the discoverer of insights from markets and target groups, as a challenger of traditional concepts and a creative pool for new ideas and initiatives.

For more information: www.fluid-collective.com

Cornelia Kunze

Moritz Kaffsack

Lisa Collin

André Benoît

Carolina James Bajaj

Catherine Ogilvie

Jamie Read

Leticia Lyra

Ronald Mincheff

Mayang Schreiber

Mitch Markson

Peter McKillop

Robert H Holdheim

Tim Scerba

Tish Van Dyke

Tom Ho

Rana Rosen

Oleg Ilyin