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welcome to i-sekai.

The virtual boutique consultancy for international corporate and brand communication.

Our offices are in Munich and Berlin – and everywhere in the world where fluid is our network of independent experts. We strengthen brands, communication and relationships effectively and consistently across national and cultural borders – strategically and creatively, as a sparring partner, team coach or external project manager. And we support our customers in building up or expanding their own skills and teams.

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Sie weiten Ihre globale Präsenz aus, betreten neue Märkte, entwickeln globale Marken-Strategien, Ideen und Frameworks, und Sie gestalten grenzübergreifende Veränderungen:Wir unterstützen als Sparrings-Partner, externe Projektleiter oder Moderatoren.

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  • Fluid brand development: purpose, utility, action, connection.
  • Strategy & Creative: planning with a global mindset.
  • Content & Storytelling.
  • Superpowers for global teams.
  • Leading with a global mindset.
  • Setting up international teams or agency relationships.
  • Communications set-up including finding local resources.
  • Local brand building.
  • Capability Building and Upskilling of your teams.
  • Cross-border M&A.
  • Becoming an employer of choice in emerging markets.


Sie weiten Ihr Geschäft auf neue Märkte aus oder möchten Ihre Reputation in einzelnen Märkten stärken. Sie wollen Leads generieren, Stakeholder Beziehungen aufbauen, soziale Initiativen in den Märkten unterstützen oder lokale Kommunikationsexpertise aufbauen:Wir helfen als Sparrings-Partner, Projektleiter und Moderatoren.

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Veränderung in unserer komplexen Welt braucht die Vielfalt der Perspektiven

Wir freuen uns auf Austausch und Diskussion

Cornelia Kunze
Founder and CEO

About us

For many years we have been advising managers and teams worldwide on how to support their organization’s priorities and brands with strategic communication.

From our life and work experience in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the USA, we know that global consistency is important – but local relevance is sometimes more important. Our own fluid network, which we have built up over the years, gives us access to the specialists you need to successfully communicate worldwide.


We are happy to meet for a virtual coffee and discuss how we can support you.