a collective of specialists

Fluid is our global collective of independent senior specialists in brand, reputation, employee engagement and public affairs. Our aim is to solve communications-intensive business issues and help organizations, brands and people to apply fluidity to their thoughts and actions in an uncertain world.

Fluid has many applications: as a global connector to agencies, networks, think tanks, associations and powerful influencers, as an insights engine for deep local perspectives or even testing ground for new ideas and initiatives.

For more information visit www.fluid-collective.com

Cornelia Kunze

Moritz Kaffsack

Lisa Collin

Carolina James Bajaj

Catherine Ogilvie

Jamie Read

Leticia Lyra

Ronald Mincheff

Mayang Schreiber

Mitch Markson

Peter McKillop

Robert H Holdheim

Tim Scerba

Tish Van Dyke

Tom Ho

Oleg Ilyin

Amanda Goh

Andres Vejarano

Brian Shrowder

Helena Wayth

Jon Goldberg

Phil Borremans

Pia Garcia