We help you achieve your goals: as sparring partner, project lead or facilitator.


When you’re expanding or reorganising your global presence. When you feel under recognized or not visible enough in all or some of your markets. When your brand is challenged, your business is facing disruption, your customers move on. Or when new markets require new ideas.

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  • Brand development: purpose, idea, campaign
  • Strategy & Creative: planning with a global mindset
  • Content & Storytelling
  • Effective Teams: Leading with a global mindset
  • Setting up agency support
  • Market-entry
  • Local brand building
  • Cross-border M&A
  • Employer branding
  • Communications set-up -building the right resources
  • Capability building and upskilling of your teams


When you’re entering complex new markets. When you’re embarking on ambitious projects. When you’re going through transformation and need to get customers, employees and stakeholders on your side. Or when new opportunities deserve a fresh approach.

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