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Absolute Creativity

“We really made a difference, didn't we – Batman?”
Lucius Fox, Batman: The Telltale Series

Creating new ideas that are limitless and boundless in numbers, diversity, and variety? Where would the world be without Batmobiles, Batarangs, web-shooters, Spider Man’s new high-tech costume and Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth? What would pop culture look like without the likes of Lucius Fox, Sensai Wu, Dr. Eggman and Q.

Creative powers literally mean that you can create something. They change behavior, appearance or structure, ignoring natural and man-made laws.

Creative powers in marketing and communication go far beyond the concept for a TVC or campaign to make people buy products. In the new world, they equip us with the ability to growth-hack, to prototype and test business ideas at warp speed. They allow us to think in new ways and advance innovative solutions for business, consumers, society or the planet.