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“My cousin once said in an interview that he stood for 'Truth, Justice and the American Way of Life'. If anyone asked me, I'd say I stand for 'Hope, Help and Compassion for All.”
Supergirl (cousin of Superman)

Superheroes save towns, planets and people. They fight the ultra-evil or oppose the “Joker”. They have strong values – and intuitively understand, what the world needs.

Empathy is the most important element when building relationships with people. It requires respect for not only their functional needs and wants, but also their hopes, dreams and fears. Empathy is based on a deep understanding of human motivations, societal spaces and even popular culture. And it allows brands, companies and executives to bring out their personalities. It makes them human, authentic and accessible. And it makes them strong on social media, they are liked better, shared more and engaged with – and much more likely to gain support for their endeavors.

Superpowered brands are not obsessed with “messaging” or “cascading” news. They show real engagement based on clairvoyance – they listen, understand, engage, appreciate, acknowledge, apologize if needed and add humor. Unlike a robot. Well, at least for the few next years to come, until AI shows us love too.