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Enhanced Vision

“The power is yours!”
Captain Planet

Superheroes see further, broader, deeper and clearer than others. They prevent danger before others even recognize it. They have the ability to see the emotions of others, hidden or unused energy in someone or even see through illusions. And as they fight for truth, justice and the greater good, they are driven by the answer to the most important question: „Who am I and why am I in this world?“

Enhanced vision and purpose gives brands and those who build them a directive framework, inspire their actions and reactions, and lets them take off with one important goal in mind. This superpower sets brands and companies apart from average, fragile competitors, as they will attract followers, like-minded people, those who share their vision and mission, who buy their products because they care. Just selling the best and cheapest product in a category might help shareholders make money – but won’t help enlist the sustainable passion, support and defense of the many who work for the brand or buy the brand. Enhanced vision needs to be built into every brand’s and company’s DNA.